Leadership Team



Pastor Jason Whitley was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He joined the Culver City SDA Church back in 2013, where he served us for a short period of time before being sent to Michigan, to achieve his masters at Andrews University. Pastor Jason has now returned with his family to share his love of God with us all. Pastor Jason has a deep understanding of the bible and carries that knowledge into his relationship with God and with us a family. He carries a gift of patience, humility, and service that is clearly seen within his activities within the church. One of his favorite parts of ministry is getting to know people more intimately and growing together alongside them. He will always be close by willing to extend a hand when you need it.


Head Elder


Elder David Laulile is a native of Los Angeles, CA. He has been attending Culver City Church since he was born. During his journey with the church and membership he has been blessed with many of dedicated mentors who have memorialize the importance of serving the community in love. His passion for serving is leading by example,  so you will always catch him first in helping and last one out when things need to get done. He is also known for his sweet-tooth, so be ready because he is always willing to share.



Sharon Chase

Yanet Morales

Olin Osborne

Norberto Medina


Head Deacon

Enrique Ceron

Head Deaconess 

Alicia Osborne

Risk Manager

Art Morales, Jr


Nona Laulile

Music Coordinator

Shardel Hodges

Praise & Worship Music Team

Yvonne Williams

Keila Castaneda

Mele Moniati

Alica Osborne

Rebecca Cook

Amiela Martinez

Daniel Kirkendale


Anahit Rostomyan

Greeters Coordinator

Norma Anderson

Church Clerk/Calendar/Bulletin

Sharon Chase

Sabbath School Council

Arlines Ordonez

Olin Osborne

David Laulile

Sabbath School Secretary

Arlines Ordonez

English Adult Sabbath School Teachers

Deirdre Robertson

Sheri Correa

Sabbath School Cradle Roll/ Kindergarten/Primary

Mirna Lopez

Sabbath School Junior

Frieda Chase

Sabbath School Youth

Robert Harvey-Dixon

Dinora Moreno

Felipe Moreno

Discovery Bible School

Robert Harvey-Dixon

Vacation Bible School  Coordinators

Lilia Madrid & Alamoti Tupou

Community Service

Jaime Rodriguez

Zoe Rodriguez

CARE (Christians Actively Remembering Everyone) 

Norma Anderson - Coordinator

Prayer Team Coordinator

Norma Anderson

Outreach Ministry Coordinator

Deirdre Robertson

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Frieda Chase

Lay Ministry

Kristian Castillo

Men's Ministry 

Luis Melara

Dr. Christopher Dent

Multi-Media Team

Salvador Martinez

Arturo Morales III

Josiah Headley

Hunter Chase

Kristian Castillo

Fellowship Lunch Team

Yanet Morales

Yvonne Wiliams

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